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Mediation Services



Founded by Chris Ziegler in 2010, Ziegler Mediation allows parties to engage in a meaningful, productive mediation session without adding significant expense to your case budget.  Mediator Chris Ziegler engages with the parties on a personal level, keeping the atmosphere as light as possible, mixing occasional humor with the serious business of evaluating the case honestly and fairly so that the parties can assess the potential risks, expenses and benefits of not settling against the certainty, risk avoidance and cost savings achieved by settlement.  

At Ziegler Mediation, we provide professional civil mediation services at an affordable rate.  By keeping our overhead low, we can pass the savings on to you.  We usually hold the mediation at the offices of one of the attorneys or at an insurance company, using their conference rooms.  More recently, most cases are mediated on the ZOOM platform. 

“As an attorney, I have handled thousands of cases on both sides, plaintiff and defense.  As a mediator, I  challenge the parties to consider all facts, good and bad for the case, because ultimately, the jurors will hear the facts, good and bad.  I do not simply shuttle numbers back and forth.  I play advocate for both sides of the case to make sure the parties understand the risks and consequences to them should the jury accept those facts harmful to their case.  Mediation and settlement is about risk avoidance and certainty.  I make sure everyone understands the risks of not settling.  I also understand that not every offer or demand should settle a case and that moving to trial may be the best option in some cases.  But if the parties want to avoid the risk and expense of going to trial, I will do my best to get them to a deal.”