Professional Civil Mediation Service


Effective Mediation

Ziegler Mediation provides professional and effective civil mediation services at an affordable rate.  Founded by Chris Ziegler in 2010, Ziegler Mediation allows parties to engage in a meaningful, productive mediation session without adding significant expense to your case budget.

Efficient Mediation

We understand the value of your time.  We are always mindful that the mediation session is using valuable time and monetary resources of the parties, and Mr. Ziegler conducts the mediation in a thoughtful yet efficient manner working at all times to be respectful of the parties’ time and budgets.

Affordable Mediation

Our rate for mediation is $275 per hour total, 4-hour minimum, with no other fees if the mediation is held on ZOOM or at your office.  Thus, in a typical two-party case, the cost is $137.50 per-party, per hour.  Regardless of the number of parties involved, the cost is still $275 per hour total, so in multi-party cases, the per-party cost is even lower.  

If the mediation is held at our offices, a modest facilities fee of $115 per party applies.

Profile picture 1 Chris Ziegler, Civil Mediator