Our firm has mediated with neutrals all over Atlanta and Chris is one of the best.  He’s great at connecting with our clients and getting the job done.  If you want to get your matter resolved, I highly recommend Ziegler Mediation.

Jeff James – The Fry Law Firm


In selecting mediators, what you need to know about Chris is, first and foremost, he is a terrific person.  The word “earnest” comes to mind.  Showing sincere and intense conviction to a successful mediation.  Secondly, he is very skilled at keeping the dialogue going and guiding strong and difficult advocates and parties towards the middle.  He is a master at getting participants in all rooms to remain or become open minded and to thoughtfully examine their positions.  Last, he is truly neutral.  He has the experience from both sides of the aisle upon which to form his own valuable opinions, but he is an advocate of none and the consummate professional.  From a business standpoint, no better value in this market that I have found.

Bo Gray – Supervising Attorney, Grange Insurance


“Our firm uses Chris Ziegler as a mediator because he is knowledgeable and his rates are reasonable.  We also appreciate his ability to cut to the chase quickly and he does not drag out the process.  Most importantly, Chris gets cases settled!”

Paul Groth, Partner/Founder – Groth & Makarenko


Chris recently mediated a difficult case of mine. I had little hope it would actually settle, so polarized were the parties and their lawyers.  Lots of “this is the most egregious case I’ve ever seen” rhetoric from all sides, me included. Chris’s opening was eloquent and reassuring that mediation could work for this case. I had profound doubts. I thought at best, the lawyers would bluster for a while and then we would all pack up our papers and go home. I was wrong. Chris worked diligently and skillfully to keep everyone in the same room. I was astounded the mediation did not break down. Instead, the case settled.  I was impressed and will use and recommend Chris Zeigler for future mediations.

Mark C. Harper, Mayer & Harper, LLP


“I and other attorneys in my firm have utilized Chris’s mediation talents many times with great success to resolve difficult cases, both pre-suit and post-suit.  Chris has a unique ability to grasp complicated legal issues and still communicate those issues to non-lawyers in an extremely effective manner.  Chris’s honesty and integrity are beyond reproach.”

Jim Hardee , Partner  –  Fain, Major & Brennan


“Having used him several times, I can highly recommend Chris as a mediator.  Because of his experience, he understands personal injury litigation, and he works very hard to resolve cases.”

Allen McDuffie – Plaintiff’s attorney


“I’ve asked Chris to mediate several cases for me. He is a consummate professional. His years of experience as an attorney serve him well as a mediator. Chris is smart, skilled, and compassionate. He understands the complexities of the mediation process and knows what it takes to get a case settled. There are many mediators in Atlanta, but I regularly recommend Ziegler Mediation to my colleagues because Chris gets the job done.”


Bianca Motley-Broom –